With the legalization of Cannabis as Alternative therapies.

We decide to review alternative treatments to lower back pain.   Western medicine has pretty horrible options when it comes to lower back pain.

Disclaimer -  This is for entertainment purposes only go to a licensed physician to get medical treatment

There is a study that 80% of Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some point.  These issues can be pretty sever leading to job loss, extended pain of weeks. 

It all started when I was cleaning my apartment when I bent down and grabbed something.  I felt like I might have slightly pulled something.

Forgot about it took a nap, 3 hours later I am barely able to get out bed without throbbing back pain.


Delayed inflammation response.

Well I have chronic back issues I took a Tylenol 3 -with codeine.  That didn’t help much.   I decide to call my friend Dex - VP of growindustriesinc.com.  His company builds out the biggest and most advanced medicinal cannabis cultivation facilities in the nation.  Growindustriesinc is one of the top cannabis consultants in the country.

He is smart guy, who works with people who help cancer patients and people who suffer from chronic pain conditions like lower back injuries.


Jamie-  I think I hurt my back… started throbbing 3 hrs. later?

Dex-   I am always running doing extreme sports, so I have pains here and there.  What happens Jamie - there is a delayed inflammation response.  You know when your kid sprains your ankle, a few hours later it blows up from all the inflammation.

In a similar fashion he told me that back pain is the same way that inflammation is pushing on your spinal nerves.  That’s why you get the delayed response.

Jamie-  What should I do Dex?

Dex-  Go to a wet cupping place, google it on youtube.   Basically they poke a few holes on your back, then suck all the bad blood out which includes all the inflammation.  Less blood putting pressure on your spine less pain.   But make sure you go to someone reputable or get your own suction cups at amazon.com.  

Disclaimer -  This is for entertainment purposes only go to a licensed physician to get medical treatment

Blood is blood be careful you don't want any blood borne disease and like Hep C or HIV.  Dex went on ranting how some these lower end acupuncture places have no clue about sterilization when it comes to wet cupping.   Acupuncture needles are fine because they are typically one use sterilized.  Wet cupping not so much.

Jamie-  sounds like a witch doctor.  But I’ll try it. I trust you.  Dex gave me an acupuncturist he recommended.  I went.  The back poking wasn’t too bad.    But the results were amazing.  50% of the pain diminished immediately.

Jamie- Dex my back 50% better any other tips?

CBD to the rescue

Dex – You want to try some CBD, get it from somewhere credible with lab testing so you have no heavy metals or pesticides.   CBD is a cannabis or hemp extract with no psychoactive effects on your system.   There amazing research going on the CBD field.

So here my tips for CBD with back pain.

Get the isolate from reputable source( link below, we have no affiliation with the company, or are sponsored by them)

Now it works better if you take it with oil, so mix the powder the olive oil, coconut oil and eat nuts so it absorbs better in your body.  In other words, higher bioavailability.

To really get the CBD, to work, you need some THC in your system.  You get some THC tinctures (which is oil-based drops you spray in your mouth)  being in SoCal getting THC tinctures is not a problem. 

Dex told me you want to get a full spectrum extract, like the kind the treat cancer patients with, ideally.   Full spectrum he explains has all the terpenes and which has an entourage effect.

Try to drink it with coconut milk seems to enhance the pain relief.

What did i do exactly?

Jamie-  so here what I did  I got the following:

CBD ISOLATE or powder pure as possible from Lazarus Naturals (google them)

They had testing batches. no pesticides or heavy metals.

Made in USA.

Great Pricing.

Only thing with isolate you need to mix it with coconut oil or olive oil to increase bio-availability.

THC Drops Full Spectrum.  My friend works with oncologist nurses at Cedars Sinai.  So he’s able to get full spectrum sativa extracts.



Within 1-2 hrs, my pain was 90% gone.  Within 2 to 3 days I could bend normally again.

Really an absolute miracle for me.   I didn’t like the Tylenol 3 which has codeine.  This seems to perform actually better.

The Wet Cupping Really helped a lot as well.

I also took some magnesium citrate.   Which is the calming vitamin.  About 200-400 mg.   spread through the day.  Magnesium and Calcium have to be in balance.  It sort of like omega 3 and omega 6.  (this is another future article.

Pubmed had a great peer reviewed article on it.


Is magnesium citrate treatment effective on pain, clinical parameters and functional status in patients with fibromyalgia?


Prevention and Treatment:


One of the the best thing you can do is walk.  Walk slow.  Its slow gets the inflammation on nerve down. I did 3000 to 5000 steps a day according to my iPhone Health  app.

Then you'll be able to jog.

Sitting is the worse thing you can do all day.  Get up and stand once an hour.  Just to get the blood flowing on your spin.